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Solutions for pool cleaning, maintenance, repairs and construction.

Who we are

Woodlands Pool Experts is a local and family owned business, with 8 years of experience in the pool industry, building, remodeling and servicing more than 400 recurring active clients every week.

We are committed with our clients by offering high quality and exceptional service.

As part of our service we have specialized and experienced designers, builders and technicians that will make sure to go above and beyond on your expectations.

Our promise

  • Exceptional customer service, quick response

  • Professionalism

  • Certified and committed technicians

  •  Innovation

  • Security

What we offer

  • Pool construction and remodeling

  • Pool cleaning and maintenance services

  • Pool repairs

  • Professional and experienced technicians

  • Best equipment for the right application

  • Supervised routes

  • Customer service (English / Spanish spoken)

Our commitment

We handle every aspect of your pool, from construction to maintenance service, ensuring that all requirements and needs are met to have the pool of your dreams, and if you already have it, help you maintain it in optimal condition.

We are committed to deliver the highest level of service and prompt response to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Trust Woodlands Pool Experts to take care of your pool, so you don’t have to worry and just relax and enjoy a pristine and enjoyable swimming experience.


Why Choose Us

Woodlands Pool Experts specializes in pool construction and service, ensuring that every aspect of your pool is meticulously taken care of. We are committed to maintain your pool at its best condition by providing top-notch pool cleaning and construction services. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can trust us to deliver the highest level of service, leaving your pool sparkling clean and well-maintained.

  • Total cleaning and inspection on every visit (12 point inspection)

  • High reputation

  • Trained and certified technicians (Certified Pool Operators)

  • Quick response

  • Customer service (English / Spanish spoken)

  • Custom swimming pool

Our Services


Pool Cleaning

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your pool while we handle all the necessary tasks to keep it in pristine condition.

Weekly service checklist:

  1. Brush Pool and Spa

  2. Remove leafs

  3. Clean out skimmers and pump baskets

  4. Vacuum Pool

  5. Test Water And Log Readings equipment Checks

  6. Supply And Apply Chemicals to Balance Water Chemistry

  7. Adjust water levels

  8.  Inspect and maintain auto clean system

  9. Inspect time clock

  10. Visual inspection of pool equipment

  11. Backwash (When applies)

  12. After every visit we left a door hanger, to assure our visit, with comments and suggestions on your pool


Pool Repair Service

At Woodlands Pool Experts, we have a team of specialized technicians ready to assist you in finding appropriate and efficient solutions for your repair needs.


Our experts are well-equipped to handle a wide range of common repairs, including:

  • Filters

  • Pumps

  • Motors

  • Valves

  • Leaks

  • Heaters


We have a large inventory in stock because we understand the importance of your time. Our highly trained experts are equipped to handle and resolve any issues that may arise. 


¡You can trust us to provide you with fast and efficient service, ensuring that your time is not wasted and any setbacks are effectively addressed!

Delivery for pool cleaning and repair service

We go beyond our services by offering direct access to the finest quality products, specifically chemicals, for your pool.


We understand the importance of maintaining water clarity and balance, which is why we provide you with top-notch products that are specifically formulated to meet the needs of your pool.


Some of the most common chemicals are:

  • Chlorine tabs

  • Refresh shock

  • D.E. Powder

  • Muriatic acid

  • Algaecide

  • Phosphate remover 


Pool Construction

At Woodlands Pool Experts, we utilize the most efficient construction processes in the market and cutting-edge technology worldwide to create unique works that combine aesthetic harmony with operational efficiency. Our wide range of plaster, lights, and additional accessories make your pool an extraordinary experience of playfulness, relaxation, aesthetics, and social interaction.


  • Sheer Descents & Scuppers

  • Deck Jets & Laminars

  • Bubblers

  • Grottos

  • Waterfalls

  • Pool Slides


We use renders to visualize your project, from architectural plans to executive projects according to your needs.

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Our Process

Contact Us


Sales & Support

14 Pleasant Point pl. Spring Texas. 77389.

(832) 888-1410

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